Carry An Animal Assistance Card

Your pet depends on you for constant care and protection. The thought of leaving them alone if you become ill, get in any kind of trouble or unable to tend to them for any unforeseeable reason is not only distressing for you, but it can put the entire future of your pet in jeopardy. It is wise to have a steady arrangement should any inevitable emergency comes in your way.

Athlone Animal Welfare has come up with a solution to prepare for this upsetting scenario. We are developing an Animal Assistance card that you can keep in your wallet, purse or somewhere visible in the house such as on the fridge door.  They will be available for free at your local vet’s clinic and pet shops in Athlone.

This wallet size card will contain your basic details, your pet’s name and type and details of two persons you nominate to take care of your pet. The purpose of this card is pretty basic; in the case you get in any kind of critical situation, keeping this card in your wallet at all times will make it easier for anyone who finds it to contact your trusted nominees and ensure your pet is in safe hands and being taken care of until you’re unable to.

We also suggest every dog owner register for Canine Care Cards at Dogs Trust. In case of any life threatening circumstances, these cards will prove to be a great assistance in ensuring safety of your dog and your peace of mind.